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Learning Italian in Italy and studying Italian in Florence is your dream?

Among many Italian language schools in Italy and many Italian courses, are you looking for study abroad programs and courses of Italian in Florence?

 Are you looking for a quality course and are between 16 and 99 years old?

If among a wide choice of Italian language schools in Italy, do you want to take an Italian course in Florence?

Do you want to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Italy such as Florence, meanwhile have the chance to explore and experience life in this beautiful land, then you have got the right website! Continue reading if you want to know more about our Center for Italian Studies and our Italian language courses in Florence.

If your answer is yes, then we have what you need! We offer the best quality Italian language courses with Professional Italian teachers all through the year. Whatever reason you have for learning Italian: whether it is because of your profession and you have a work-goal, maybe you are a beginner or even an Italian teacher; you will benefit from our twenty years of experience. Our courses start every Monday for non-beginners, at all levels, and you can stay for as long as you want.

The majority of our students find Scuola Portofino by following the recommendation of our alumni who have appreciated the school’s ability to provide:

  • We both the direct and communicative methods and guarantee quicker and longer-lasting results compared to more traditional methods, all while respecting the characteristics of each student. Our method of instruction that is particularly effective, flexible, modern, and oriented towards communication is;
  • A warm and intimate atmosphere;
  • Motivated, qualified and professional teachers;
  • Small groups with participants from all over the world (max.5-7 people per class);
  • Scuola Portofıno” diploma;
  • The location of our schools in the historical center of Florence,
  • Competitive prices.