Foreign citizens residing abroad, who wish to attend courses in Italy and need visas, may apply for them at the competent Italian Embassy or Consulate in their own country of origin. Visas are issued within 90 days and have a duration equal to the duration of the course that foreign citizens wish to attend. Requirements for the issue of study visas:

  • The age of over 14 years
  • Passport valid for at least 3 months more than the requested visa
  • Certificate of enrollment to the desired course, issued by the school
  • Insurance policy for medical treatments and hospitalizations, unless one is entitled to the Italian national health service by virtue of existing agreements or conventions with the country of origin
  • Return ticket
  • Documents proving that one has sufficient financial means for one’s support during the stay in Italy
  • Applicants, through appropriate documents, must prove that they will find themselves in a socio-financial situation or in a working and familiar position that can grant their real interest to go back to their own countries at the expiration of the visa
  • Confirmation of hotel reservation or of other lodgings

The availability of means of support and of the sum needed to go back to one’s own country may be proven by:

  • Exhibiting cash, travel, travel cheques, credit cards, etc.
  • Exhibiting a letter of credit issued by a foreign bank institution, granting that applicants have the sum at their disposal
  • Exhibiting a certificate proving that such sum is available at an Italian bank, having been deposited through bank transfer or deposit from abroad
  • Insurance guarantee policy

Chart for the determination of means of support required for the entrance in the Italian territory (for reasons of business, medical treatments for a possible companion, sports competition, religion, study, transit, transport, tourism).



Classes of travel duration One participant Two or more participants
From 1 to 5 days: all-inclusive fixed sum € 269,60 € 212,81
From 6 to 10 days: daily fixed sum per person € 44,93 € 26,33
From 11 to 20 days: fixed sum

+ Daily sum per person

€ 51,64

€ 36,67

€ 25,82

€ 22,21

Over 20 days: fixed sum

+ Daily sum per person

€ 206,58

€ 27,89

€ 118,79

€ 17,04