Study Italian Language

  • Because Italian is the language of art, of fashion, of cooking, of film, of music, and tourism.
  • To savor and experience the richness and the culture of the Ancient Mediterranean Civilization.
  • To come in contact with the kindness and acceptance of its people.
  • It is a rich language that renews itself year after year.
  • Because the Italian language sounds like flowing lyric.
  • Because Italian is the literal language of Dante and Manzoni. To study Italian means to discover our literal treasures.
  • Because in the last few years, Italy has increased its commercial, cultural, and social trades with many other countries around the world.
  • Because Italy is one of the greatest touristic destinations that concentrates on its territory about 65% of Historical and Artistic Heritage.
  • To feel like a native in Italy.
  • To be able to work with Italian companies, in Fashion, Design, Art or to build a self-owned business.
  • For many of the Italians around the world that emigrated from Italy, to study Italian means to strengthen the ties with the country of origin.